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Timeless Teaching With Changing World

At Indus International Academy, we focus on teachings, which successfully achieve the learning objectives involving development of individuals encompassing knowledge, personality and skills. "Providing assistance" is the general definition of teaching at our school. Teachers are facilitators and mentors and we believe that the most effective teaching is that, which results in the most effective learning. We ensure that teachers are trained to be committed to students and their learning process, by being responsible for managing and monitoring individual student learning. 

We follow the principle, that teaching is a three way approach  - involving, the source of teaching, student and a set of activities so as to bring about the desired changes in the behavior of the student. 

Teachers learn to plan their teaching on the basis of Blooms Taxonomy. Children are mentored and facilitated to achieve wider understanding through "Hands On Experience" and learning through action. Teachers at our school are guided and mentored to design instructional activities, preparing supportive classroom environment based on individual child's learning capability, with access to materials and technology provided, so as to facilitate joint productive activity. Effective pedagogues are introduced involving a range of techniques, including whole class and structured group work, guided learning and individual activity, focusing on developing higher order thinking and meta-cognition, making good use of dialogue and questioning in order to do so. The main aim is to prepare the child to be confident, being able to connect to the wider world, and be able to recognize the differences that are implemented across all key-learning, and subject areas.

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