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During this tough time of Lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic the parents are not able to visit school premises and are worried about their ward's admission to good school, the school management has decided to open up an online admission module through our official website. This facilitates the parents to admit their wards without visiting school premises and without any hassles.

**** Special Benefits of Online Admissions during Lockdown ****

  1. No Additional Computer Fee

  2. No Additional Smart Class Fee

  3. No Library Fee

Note : Special Admission Fee charges Valid only for Lockdown Period

We welcome you to our Online Admission Module. Kindly enter the details in the Online Module to admit your ward...

Regards !!

Incharge Admission Cell

Mobile : 7607555743, 7007766767

New Admission
(Online Module)


Admit Your Ward during COVID - 19 LOCKDOWN

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